What Exactly is Consistent Branding?

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What exactly is consistent branding?

Your brand is the personality of your company.  With each interaction a consumer has with your brand, it must uphold that personality and fulfill your customer’s expectations of it.  Consistent branding allows you to achieve this and involves communicating at all times in line with your core brand proposition.


At a basic level, this means that fundamental elements such as logo, colors, typefaces and the look and feel of graphics should remain consistent across all your campaigns via all communication channels.  For example, even simple things such as your Twitter background should match your brand colors.

How can The Creative Complex help you achieve consistent branding?

  1. Gain Control of Your Brand – Many of our clients have several freelance designers and developers doing different things to their brands.  This is especially true if the business owner is also the marketing director.  Stop freelancing with different people and companies; keep it all under one roof.
  2. One Stop Shop – We seek to partner with business owners and marketing directors to create a ONE STOP SHOP for all your digital marketing needs, keeping all your branding in one place.
  3. Brand Booklet – Each brand that we conceptualize from the beginning gets a brand booklet from us.  This booklet, if need be, can be taken to any other graphic designer and they will have the framework necessary to stay consistent with your brand.
  4. Creative Director – Every client gets a Creative Director assigned to your account.  By having ONE PERSON in charge of your brand, we can remain consistent across all digital marketing mediums.

What are the consequences of inconsistent branding?

*****Loss of Trust*****

Poor branding may actually be more detrimental than no branding at all and cause consumers to lose trust in you and what you stand for.  For example, imagine you were thinking of visiting a business.  You look on the website, but it looks different from the flyers you’ve seen.  You then go to see the business and the marketing collateral looks different again.  This would immediately make you start to wonder about the business itself, whether it is a good company, whether it’s not what it seems, whether the venue can be trusted.


Although maintaining a consistent brand in the digital age is most definitely a challenge, it is a challenge that The Creative Complex feels is definitely worth undertaking.

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