7 Twitter Tips Event Marketers Can Use Today

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Twitter is an amazing tool to promoter your upcoming event.  Event branding can go a long way on twitter if you’re doing it right.  So, here are some quick and dirty tips for event marketers to keep in mind on Twitter.

Schedule Your Tweets

I’m not going to lie, we use www.hootsuite.com to schedule some tweets out for The Creative Complex.  It’s an effective way to get our message out.  We have a ROUTINE.  Yes, we have a systematic approach to schedule tweets so that you can get the most out of your follow of us.  That being said, we know when our tweets are read by event marketers more often so we schedule them for those times.  We have a science behind scheduling, and that makes a big difference.  Do you know when your audience is retweeting and reading the most?  Make an appointment with yourself and use tools like Hootsuite to automatically tweet and engage with your fans that are waiting for you to engage them.

Find Cooler Followers

Use tools like FollowerWonk and take 10 mintues to follow five new people.  Try to find people that share a common passion in the purpose the event serves, or see who is tweeting about your event competitors.  Follow them and say hello.  Just start a regular conversation, don’t promote anything to them.  Sounds crazy, huh?  Remember back before promoting and selling when we used to just be ourselves online?  That’s how you build relationships my friends.

Get to Know Your Audience

If you know your audience is predominantly Hispanic, then share content and information that is interesting to them.  By taking the time to develop a profile for your audience, it will help guide your tweeting much more.  Remember, the quality of your followers matters, not the quantity.  And the more you know them, the more they will entrench themselves in your event brand.

Share Relevant News

Did your city just pass an ordinance that will affect your event?  Did a major entertainer at your event release a new album?  Share ONE piece of content today that really make you think or really affected your event.  We scour the online internet marketing sites for news to share with you all the time.  Google Reader is a great place to get relevant news customized to your audience’s preferences.

Be a Problem Solver

Take a look at some of your follower’s tweets.  Maybe someone is asking for a dinner recommendation that night?  Be the HERO to suggest a place.  Be a resource to them.  If you can’t help, retweet it to your audience and be the “connector” that made it happen.

Give Tips

Share tools, resources, tips, helpful followers, ideas, strategies or anything else that might be helpful to your audience.

Tweet Your Stuff More Than Once

Don’t be afraid to tweet 2-3 times over the course of the day of a big event to make sure people are coming.  Switch the content up, write about different things related to the same event.  Don’t just copy and paste the same message…that’s annoying.


At The Creative Complex we are serious about our Twitter usage.  We have someone dedicated to tweeting 3 times a week for 5 hours.  That’s serious.  If you’re putting an event together, you should also be showing some of the same dedication, especially as the event date approaches.

Event marketing can be a lot of fun on Twitter, but you can’t just use it like a gumball machine and put in a quarter and expect a piece of gum.  You have to interact and immerse yourself in the conversations.

Good luck promoting your next event on Twitter!  Let us know how it went and if you have any other suggestions.

Twitter Tips Event Marketers.

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