4 Tips for Increasing Event Ticket Sales from Social Media Leads

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So you have a huge event coming up and people are talking about it on social media networks.  Have you been able to turn your chatter into cheddar (that’s slang for money)?

If you’re interested in making money from your online efforts on various social media channels, then keep reading for five tips.

But first, I must warn you that I’m about to get very strategic and introduce concepts that are NOT basic but instead are tagged along with sophisticated proven good old sales strategy.  Sorry, this is the sales person in me talking now.

Understand the Social Media Sales Funnel

What the heck is a sales funnel?  I told you I would be getting technical.

The sales funnel is as follows:

  1. Expose the Event
  2. Influence the Prospect
  3. Engage the Fan
  4. Make the Sale

Traditionally, you create an event and hand out invitations to all of the key people you want to invite.  Once you hand off that invitation, there’s little or no interaction or influence after that.  Depending on how cool the invitation is and how important the person feels, that’s what will bring people to the event.

With social media, you’re more commonly reaching potential event participants earlier in the sales process without a formal invitation in hand yet. Getting potential buyers’ attention early has tremendous value, but it means you’ve added some layers to the sales funnel that you need to be aware of and user properly.

Provide a “Remind Me Later About This” Option

How many times have you seen an event that looks interesting, you’re not just ready to buy it now because it’s too far out for you to make a decision now?  This happens ALL THE TIME!

Instead of tweeting for people to BUY NOW, you should have what the industry calls a “soft conversion” tactic.  Giving potential attendees the ability to give their email address so you can remind them about it later lets you get an email address of a warm lead that you’ll send an email to two months before the event.

Send a tweet like “Want to be reminded about the upcoming event?  Send us your email address and we’ll update you as the event approaches”.

Combine an email marketing strategy for these potential attendees and you’ll be increasing your number of attendees for sure!

Talk to Social Media Leads Differently

Since social media leads are likely to be soft leads that can be nurtured over time, you’ll want to not be so direct in the sale.   Social media leads enter the sales funnel much earlier in the process, so you have the opportunity to include content that is designed to answer questions and overcome objections and provide opportunities to convert them into a HOT LEAD.

A hot lead is someone ready to buy right now.  They are very interested in attending your event.

Through your other social media efforts, you have been able to develop trust with potential attendees; therefore, show them that you are a thought leader by answering their questions before they even have them!

So remember, there is a difference between someone who wants to be reminded about your event and someone who actually wants to attend.  Once a social media lead becomes a hot lead, then you can start traditionally selling them.

Make it Easy To Buy Now

It’s important to make sure it is super-easy for potential event attendees to buy. We tend to be fairly lazy consumers and if we have to search out how to buy from you, we are less likely to convert.

Take a look at your last Facebook update on your event.  Does it take them directly to the www.eventbrite.com page you set up, or is the lead sent to your event page on your site where they then have to find the “buy now” button that will eventually take them to the same EventBrite.com page anyways?

What do you think? Have you successfully converted social media fans and followers into revenue? Are you still trying to figure out how to do this? Join the discussion and leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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