The Must­Have Headshot Poses for Serious Entrepreneurs (Alex’s actual photoshoot)

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It’s important that you get as many poses as possible in for your headshots. You never

know what your graphic designer will want to use on the next marketing piece. Take a look below at what a business headshot photography session should have. Here is a sample of an entire photoshoot: alex miranda business photoshoot

Here are some ideas.

1. Eye Gaze

On a website, Twitter page or brochure you can use photos to help people decide what action to take. You can look where you want them to look. Therefore you want to have shots where you are looking in each direction:

Shot List: Eye Gaze

  •  Look Left
  •  Look Right
  •  Look Up
  •  Look Down

This picture should make you want to keep scrolling down

because as I look

down, you can’t help but wonder, what else is down there?!

2. Pointing

Another way you can draw attention to or encourage people to take action is to point to a button or area you want them to click or explore. To play it safe you want to try a few different directions to make it easy for your web designer or yourself when creating pages or brochures.

Shot List: Pointing

  •  Point Left
  •  Point Right
  •  Point Up
  •  Point Down

This picture should make you want to read the content I am pointing at.

3. Open Palm Gesture

Showing people our palms encourages people to trust us. It is like we are literally showing our palms. I like to have a few different types of open palm gestures to show honesty and to guide people where I want them to look on the website.

Shot List: Open Palm Gestures

  •  Gesture towards a chair
  •  Gesture towards a door
  •  The Vanna White: Open palms up, as if holding a product.
  •  Gesture Left
  •  Gesture Right
  •  Gesture Up
  •  Gesture Down

4. Props

Use props in your photo shoots to add variety and to send nonverbal messages in your nonverbal branding. Here are a few ideas:

Shot List: Props

  •  Hold a sign—to be filled with words or logo by designer.
  •  If you have a book—hold it! Otherwise, you can also use them as “credibility” props
  •  Coffee Mug: Holding a coffee mug adds warmth to your nonverbal brand. It makes people want to sit with you and chat.
  •  Wine Glass: If you have a more romantic or celebratory brand, you can add a wine glass to your shoot as if to say, lets make a toast to you!
  •  In front of easel—to be filled with words or logo by designer.

5. Laughing

Laughing shots are great but they have to be genuine—bring a funny friend or a stack of funny jokes to get real laughter.

Shot List: Laughing

  •  Laughing Sitting
  •  Laughing Standing
  •  Laughing Walking

6. Leaning

Leaning is the nonverbal sign of engagement. You can have a few leaning forward shots to imply directness, authority, and connectedness.

Shot List: Leaning

  •  Leaning on table
  •  Leaning on chair
  •  Leaning forward smiling
  •  Leaning forward while gesturing

7. Professional vs. Casual

Depending on the level of professionalism you want in your photographs you can use nonverbal cues differently. Here are the rules you can follow: A shot becomes more

casual when there is more…

  •  Movement—wind, body movement, background movement.
  •  Self­touch—hair, face, arms, legs.
  •  Non­direct gazing—off the shoulder or side gazing makes a more casual shot.

8. Signal Gestures

There are certain gestures that are symbolic. Then can also be used to send nonverbal gestures. Here are some examples:

Shot List: Gestures

  •  Thumbs Up
  •  A­OK
  •  Steeple: When our finger tips lightly touch without pressing the palms together.
  •  Prayer Gesture
  •  Shrug

9. Confidence

The more space someone takes up, the more confident they both feel and appear.

Shot List: Power Poses

  •  Wonder Woman / Superman
  •  Pride
  •  Open Arms
  •  Dancing

10. Head Shots

There are a number of different nonverbal moves someone can do in addition to the universal facial expressions. I like to use ones that show warmth and competence.

Shot List: Head Shots

  •  Head tilt
  •  Over the shoulder
  •  Chin on hands
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