Success stories from our clients

Joel Hernandez

“For them to showcase what they came up with , Burt and I were both very impressed with what they came up with. We were very excited leaving that meeting looking forward to what was yet to come.”

Tim Cox

“As a pastor, it’s hard to trust anyone else with God’s vision that he has given you, but Alex and his team took the extra effort to translate my vision into something that they could do they did a lot of hard work to understand who we were and what we were trying to do.”

Irfaan Lalani

“Their ability to think outside the box was what set them apart. We get compliments from other people in the industry , and we’re constantly getting positive feedback about our website.”

Deborah Hernandez

“They have a great thought process and bring a lot to the table in terms of contacts and partners.  They are just fun to work with, they know how to interpret your mind frame and story, and put that into play.”

Alberto Galante

“I wanted to launch my company with professional branding…I was expecting a traditional image for a real estate company, but they made it different from other brokerages using my last name as my branding.”

Dayton Birt

“We re-evaluated our mission statement, our core values, and decided we needed to help communicating this.  With their team’s assistance, they were able to help us put a feeling to our logo at Redemption Ministries.”

Andrew Cass

“There’s not a lot of business owners who cab go do high-end design and branding for their brand.If they don’t do that and don’t take the step into working with a specialist in the area, they look average or vanilla in the marketplace. I didn’t wnat that to be tha case with me.”