Redemption Ministries

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Bishop Dayton Birt and the rest of the team at Redemption were going through a “strat op” season where they were digging deep to find their mission, vision and goals for the next 10 years.  One of the main discoveries during this process was that they lacked “communication” with the rest of their conference.  That lack of communication was deeply rooted in their lack of branding.

By working with their strat op team and bringing in our passion for ministry work, we were able to see their vision and translate it into a great brand for them!

Today, Redemption Ministries is fresh as a new glass of spring water!

We’re excited to present you Redemption Ministries and blessed to bring this vision to life.


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Case Study


Bishop Dayton Birt, current leader of Redemption Ministries came to The Creative Complex for an effective brand strategy that would solve their lack of solid communication to their conference and give them an fresh new look and possibly attract new members to join.

Our task: We were hired December 2014 and had to complete the entire branding and website process by February 2015. Our task was to come up with a brand that would deliver on the promise to the members of Redemption Ministries of better communication. The brand needed to tell future members what they can expect from this conference and excite church leaders to want to be a part of the tribe.

Our Process

The best identity programs embody and advance the company’s brand by supporting the desired perceptions. In the case of Redemption Ministries, our objective was to develop an identity that encompasses every tangible expression of an interdependent network that supports maturing leaders, multiplying churches and making desciples. Our goal for Redemption Ministries was to position the brand as the benchmark conference in the church market and gain rapid awareness within the segment.

We accomplished this by developing a brand identity that would become immediately recognizable, distinctive and sophisticated thereby positioning the conference for success. We focused on key elements necessary to distinguish Redemption.


The success of Redemption’s brand strategy implementation plan involved the development of a multi-platform identity program. The website is designed to not only communicate their mission, vision and values, but drive engagement and through events, blogs and a sophisticated church directory. We developed brand identity elements, digital media, and identity collateral.


The result was an amazing brand and website with advanced components, a brand strategy guideline and the beginning of a cohesive brand across all mediums and events that Redemption will put on.


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