Miami Valley Church

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We met Tim Cox and the team at Miami Valley Church at that Church Ninja conference for pastors.  Alex Miranda was leading a breakout session titled “Top Secrets Every Pastor Needs to Know from a Former South Beach Night Club Promoter.”  This peaked the interest of Tim and his team to attend.

Tim was so impressed by Alex and his presentation that he gave Creative Complex the shot of being the first ever church rebranding client for our firm.  This was a monumental shift from being nightlife focused to now moving into ministry work.  We thank God for Tim and his team for trusting in us.

We’re excited to present you the new Miami Valley Church, and blessed to have been called to bring this vision to life.


Project Features


Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

Additional Designs For This Client

Case Study


Miami Valley Church was going by Miami Valley Community Church and using an outdated logo and website. The Creative Complex was brought in to completely rebrand and create an effective brand strategy giving them a new edge in the community and imparting a new vision on the current members.

Our task: To come up with a brand that would deliver on the promise to the customer. The name and brand needed to tell future members of the church what they can expect when they visit Miami Valley and excite current members of the church about the new vision.

Our Process

The best ministry identity programs embody and advance the church’s brand by supporting the desired perceptions. In the case of Miami Valley Church, our objective was to develop an identity that encompasses every tangible expression of connecting with a younger generation, purpose and passion in ministry, yet approachable and inclusive to even the person that hasn’t been to church. Our goal for Miami Valley Church was to position the brand as the benchmark church in the community and gain rapid awareness and visits, evidenced by baptisms.

We accomplished this by developing a brand identity that would become immediately recognizable, distinctive and sophisticated thereby positioning the church for success. We focused on key elements necessary to distinguish Miami Valley.


The success of Miami Valley’s brand strategy implementation plan involved the development of a multi-platform identity program. The website is designed to provide detailed service information for interested visitors and resources like live streaming, past sermons, events and life groups. We developed brand identity elements, digital media, and identity collateral.


The result is an amazing new brand identity for Miami Valley Church, an awesome website with, a brand strategy guideline and the beginning of a new season for Miami Valley.


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Alex and his team took our vision into their hearts and then brought it to life through their hands. Alex has been for us and with us from the first meeting all the way through the launch of our new brand. I’m  honored that MVC is the first church rebranding client of Alex’s and I know you will be pleased beyond all expectations when you choose to trust Alex with the vision God has given you.

Tim Cox Senior Pastor at Miami Valley Church

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