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We met Kaizen Turbines when they were preparing to etch their name into the fabric of the aviation industry.

Along with providing Kaizen Turbines with a logo, a website and branding services, our company was able to create an identity for them. However, the Kaizen project was an interesting challenge for us at the Creative Complex.

We now present to you, Kaizen Turbines.


Project Features


Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

Social Media Design

Case Study


Alex Vasquez, the Chief Operating Officer of Kaizen Turbines, reached out to our Founder, Alex Miranda, and asked if the Creative Complex can bring their vision, of what Kaizen Turbines has to offer the aviation industry, to life through marketing tools such as a logo, website and branding services.
Our Task:
We met with Kaizen Turbines representatives on March 25th and were told that this vision they had of a company needed life. They needed someone to take the idea they had in their heart and make it a reality. And they needed it fast. The company needed a logo, website, and branding services by April 13th. It turns out that Kaizen had aspirations of introducing themselves to aviation industry leaders at the 2015 MRO Americas Aviation Conference in Miami. In essence, our team had about two weeks to bring Kaizen’s idea to life.

Our Process

“When Alex reached out to me about needing help from the Creative Complex, the first thing I did was make a strategy session appointment with him,” said Alex Miranda, Founder of the Creative Complex. “After I gathered all necessary information, it was pressed on my heart that along with web and branding services, Kaizen Turbines also needed an identity.”
At the end of that session, we were informed that the project needed to be done roughly two weeks from that meeting. While our process normally takes more than two weeks (are you ok with saying it’s normally 45 days?), it was an exciting challenge for our team to deliver creative, efficient and quality driven work. We had all hands on deck for this project and are pleased with the efforts from each member of our team.
“When an entrepreneur dreams things about a potential business idea, the thoughts and desires are real in their minds,” said Alex Miranda, Founder of the Creative Complex. “The magic behind what we do is in bringing that idea to life. Throughout the process, we help build momentum for the client.”


When the project was done, every aspect of Kaizen’s business needs, including a multi-platform identity program, along with various social components were strategically targeted and met. Ultimately, we wanted to make sure that we developed a brand identity that would become immediately recognizable, distinctive and sophisticated thereby positioning the company for success.
It was our duty as a branding and identity agency to bring their vision to life, while implementing the visual representation to promote longevity. Along with those aspects of their business needs, we also created marketing channels for email advertisements, blog posts, business cards, brochures, press releases’ and presentation material.


“The team at the Creative Complex amazed us by how quick they were able to deliver,” said Alex Marquez, Chief Operating Officer for Kaizen Turbines. “In such a crucial situation where we had a small window of opportunity to work with, the Creative Complex put forth efficient, accurate and quality work. I heard about Alex and what his team could do, but now I’ve witnessed it.”
In two weeks, the Creative Complex delivered a cutting-edge and trendy Kaizen Turbines website, brand and identity in time for them to showcase at the MRO Conference on April 13th. We also added to their vision of humanitarian aid, by implementing the Kaizen Kares Initiative to their business goals. Now, Kaizen Turbines has the marketing abilities to become a staple in the aviation industry, promote the fullness of its services and gain rapid awareness, market share and sales.


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