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Investor Concierge


Alberto Galante came to The Creative Complex in 2015 to create a personal real estate identity that could also translate to a large firm as the company grew.

We worked with Alberto to develop is personal brand identity along with a company identity that would position him as the premier investor concierge to wealthy Mexicans looking to own a piece of South Florida.

We’re excite for Alberto and look forward to his continued growth!


Project Features

IDX Integrated Real Estate Website

IDX Integrated Real Estate Website

In today’s real estate market consumers want to search properties, get detailed neighborhood information and get to know you, the agent, through the actions you take online. We created a real estate website that give the power to develop personal connections with your online visitors. Today’s agent website is not just about showing listings, but offering your visitors valuable information about neighborhoods, market statistics, tips and personal insights.
IDX makes it possible for you to deliver your web users access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).
PowerPoint Presentations for Real Estate

PowerPoint Presentations for Real Estate

All too often, PowerPoint and keynote presentations use any old colors — whether the default template or anything else. Part of the reason is that websites and brochures are designed by professional designers and presentations are often created by presenters who are anything but that.
We create professionally designed templates that match your branding.  A presentation that outsiders see represents your organization, so it should use your branding. Even for internal presentations, branding can create a sense of shared purpose among the audience members.
Presentation Folder Design

Presentation Folder Design

We all know the importance of creating the right impression, and if you’re meeting a new customer or providing contracts, invoices and other important documents, every detail counts. Use presentation folders as a subtle but effective way to organize documents and show a level of professionalism to your customers.
Presentation folders are great for sales presentations, reports and school projects a polished and professional look with a custom presentation folder. Our pocket folders are perfect for proposals and leave-behind materials.These custom business folders are the classic, 4″ deep two-pocket folder with a die cut for a business card. We print with four colors on premium 14pt paper stock. You can choose between satin matte and UV gloss finish.
Our presentation folders are simple, branded, and keep the contents in mind.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

Case Study


Our creative team will take time to understand the client’s needs, business and goals in order to create the most effective results.

Our Process

Professional identity work shows both class and functionality. The Creative Complex creates brands based on each client’s specific objectives. We connect our clients with the audience they desire to target.


Brands need to be launched, and we can do it. We can utilize your contacts to harvest your referrals in launching the business. The possibilities for this marketing method are unlimited. From our experience we have found it a very effective method of exposing potential clients to offers and buying opportunities.


The Creative Complex is committed to bringing your vision to life in order to magnetically attract the right clients for you.


Tell Us About Your Project Needs, We’ll Call You

Alberto Galante

If you have any queries or questions regarding products on the website and would like to speak to someone, feel free to ask us by filling all the information below. We will contact to you later on as soon as possible.

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