Caution Crossfit

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Rebranding CrossFit


In 2011 we launch the Caution CrossFit brand.  In 2016 it was time to rebrand.

With the CrossFit fever subsiding a little over the last year, coupled with increased competition, facilities like Caution have had to include other fitness modalities like kick boxing and spinning.

The new “Caution Crossfit & Fitness Facility” is a more encompassing name.

We’re excited to release the rebranding of CrossFit.


Case Study


Our creative team will take time to understand the client’s needs, business and goals in order to create the most effective results.

Our Process

Professional identity work shows both class and functionality. The Creative Complex creates brands based on each client’s specific objectives. We connect our clients with the audience they desire to target.


Brands need to be launched, and we can do it. We can utilize your contacts to harvest your referrals in launching the business. The possibilities for this marketing method are unlimited. From our experience we have found it a very effective method of exposing potential clients to offers and buying opportunities.


The Creative Complex is committed to bringing your vision to life in order to magnetically attract the right clients for you.


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