Perfect Event Flyer Step 1: Creative Meeting

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Define Creative Meeting of an Event

The perfect event flyer starts being designed even before the designer puts his finger on the mouse.  It starts at a great meeting.

This is a special sort of get together, similar to the meeting where you get everyone into a room to share the new direction of the venue. In both cases, amateurs usually run the meetings, and the group often fails to do their best work.

My favorite part of putting an event together is the “high” you get at the beginning when planning the whole thing out. I can remember putting my first event together back in 1999. We would meet at my parent’s house, IHOP, KFC, and pretty much anywhere there was good food.

Every event starts with a good meeting. Seth Godin (marketing genius) has this to say about meetings:

  1. Only the minimum number of people should participate. Don’t invite anyone for political reasons. Don’t invite anyone to socialize them on the solution because they were part of inventing it–people don’t need to be in the kitchen to enjoy the meal at the restaurant.
  2. No one participating by conference call… it changes the tone of the proceedings.
  3. A very structured agenda to prevent conversation creep. You are only here to do one thing.
  4. All the needed data provided to all attendees, in advance, in writing.
  5. At least one person, perhaps the host, should have a point of view about what the best course is, but anyone who comes should only be invited if they are willing to change their position.
  6. Agree on the structure of a deliverable solution before you start.
  7. Deliver on that structure when you finish.

A good meeting is well organized, brief, to the point, interesting, and everyone has the chance to have his or her say. No one dominates. People leave it thinking, “I wish there were more meetings like that.” You know that you were important in that meeting and that meeting was important to you!

Why is a good meeting so rare? Because it takes work to organize a successful one. Since all events and marketing campaigns are built on regular meetings, it’s important to make them good.

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