4 Mobile Marketing Mistakes Event Marketers Must Avoid

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I love event planning.  Been planning events since I was in 3rd grade.  Back then we didn’t have cell phones to text everyone about the party.  Nope.  Back then you printed up an invitation on a dot-matrix printer using a Tandy computer.  Old school.

But now we have cell phones and they make it so much easier to let people know about a party.  A little less personal, but more effective for reaching the masses.  But there are some big mistakes I see event coordinators make when using mobile marketing to promote their events.

Here are 4 mobile marketing mistakes that event promoters and coordinators must avoid.  I also give solutions to the mistakes so you can get your marketing back on track.

Using Mobile to Share Event Flyers

Did your designer make a mini-version of your event flyer that is good for phones?  Probably not.  I’ve had event promoters send me actual event flyers over MMS.  Seriously?   And even better, I’ve gotten a few videos over MMS.  I applaud your efforts, but ultimately have to say that sending event flyers over the phone is not cool.  They are a waste of time and resources on your part and they don’t convert.

INSTEAD:  If you’re going to promote an event over text, have a clear call to action for someone to visit a mobile-optimized website.  Ensure that it will load on their device so they can have a proper experience.  If not, you’re just wasting time.

QR Codes that Lead to Event Website Home Page

Most now thing of QR codes when they think mobile marketing.  They are great for putting on your event flyers with a call to action (scan for artist line-up, scan for ticket info, scan for rsvp).  Once scanned, a user is taken to a mobile-friendly event landing page where they can read about the special.

When QR doesn’t work is when you just send them to your event website’s homepage.   If you’re going to invest in a QR campaign, don’t just send people back to your event website.

INSTEAD:  Create an event landing page for that code with some unique content that is mobile-friendly.  This is creating a positive experience that they couldn’t have achieved on their PC.  Remember, you want to create POSITIVE experience, not frustrated users.

Not Knowing Thy User

Do you know who you’re sending event invitations to?  Is it your VIP list?  Do they know who you are?  What are their demographics?  Knowing this information means you’ll be able to better target your event promotions to people who are OK with a more personal interaction.

Gathering more information about your user can be done by simply asking these questions and waiting for a reply.  Use this method sporadically and tell them why you’re doing it.  Also, analytics will be able to give you this information.

INSTEAD:  Attendees will be more likely to sign up if you send them special discounts or announcements that have been hand-crafted for them.  Purpose to get to know your list a little better.

Non Mobile Friendly Website

When you visit your website on a phone, does it morph to fit your mobile device?  In other words, have you created a mobile-friendly version of your site?

Visit www.mansionmiami.com from your computer and then from your phone.  You’ll see that Mansion has a different experience for both, yet they are tied to each other.

INSTEAD:  At the very least, you need to create a mobile site of your events, directions and contact information.  This will help you to optimize an experience that is relevant to their needs and helps them get the info they need faster. Give your mobile searchers what they want and very little noise.

Event marketers using mobile marketing can take advantage of this awesome medium if it’s done right.  If it’s done wrong, it could seriously hurt your event branding and ultimately your success in the event.

Let us know of any mistakes you might have made by commenting below.

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