How Does the Identity Branding Process Work?

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Ready to Bring Your Vision to Life? Schedule a Strategy Session

Today, I want to touch on the identity branding process and what it looks like.

You can’t go into the branding process and just wing it. There is a process to creating a brand identity. The first and most crucial thing you can do to is sit down for an identity strategy system. I want to meet with you so we can strategize about your identity together. You have a target market, your product and services, and your goals; what you need is an actionable plan where all these things are laid out. Whether you strategize with a member of your team or me, you need to come together and ask the right questions.

Next, you put together an identity action plan. This basically delineates the phase by phase approach to how you are going to bring your identity to life. Once the strategy session has been had and a plan of action has been formed, the next thing we need to figure out is who we are and what we’re here for, our “why,” and our USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This is the element of who you are as a core.



Once you’ve accomplished all of these steps, the next thing to do is to bring it all to life in a logo. The idea is to create the right logo, with the right look, that reflects your brand’s identity. When the print and digital identity is taken care of, we translate it to the web so that we can start developing a look for your emails, website, and social media platforms.

Finally, the launch is where the magic happens. This is a huge process that will get a video and article explaining it in full, but it’s crucial to understand how important it is to send out a press release and email blasts promoting your new website. You can’t just launch it and call it good; the best results will come if you get people excited about it first.

To learn about this process in more detail, either reach out to us directly or stay tuned for future videos. We look forward to helping you build your brand identity soon!

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