January Branding & Marketing Ideas

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January marks the beginning of the New Year and a time for our businesses to push forward with new business goals and strategies for achieving them.

January is a month for renewal and change.  How can your company take advantage of this mindset your customers are in?

For example when you advertise products for weight loss, self-help and financial assistance try to reach consumers online and offline with marketing messages to help the consumers achieve their resolutions and celebrate new beginnings.

You have to think about what your customers want, not what you want.  Who cares what YOU want, I care about what my clients want and need.

I’m about to tell you 8 great ideas for your business’s branding and marketing for January.

For My Business….

I know New Years is about “renewing”, so it’s easy for me to sell “rebranding” and “new logos” in January.  It just makes sense because I know my clients are thinking about that.  I also know my clients are eager to revamp and amp up their marketing, so I’m going to give them ideas that will encourage them to order more designs for their marketing.

What do YOUR clients want?  What are their deep down desires?

For Your Business….

New Years opens up new opportunities for you to brand and marketing your products and services.

Here are some design suggestions to “kick-start” your sales and marketing through Social Media branding:

  1. Give people a reason to buy.  Believe it or not, but most people don’t think about spending money with you very often.  They need encouragement.  Specials, packaging, and incentives usually do the job.

  2. Introduce a new product. Introduce a new product or service at a “special introductory price” for a limited time of course.

  3. Start a referral program.  Develop a program that rewards your current customers for referring other customers to you.  Then deliver.

  4. Introduce your company’s new branding.  When was the last time you updated your logo?  Maybe your brand needs a REFRESHER for 2014, giving you a great reason to connect with past clients.

  5. Build your email list.  Run a contest in January to start the new year.  Give away an Ipad or some service or product of your own to build your list.  Point them to a landing page on your site where you collect their emails.

  6. Survey your customers for great ideas.  It’s the new year, find out what your customers want this year.  Send out a survey using www.surverymonkey.com and ask them.  Giving something away helps to get more survey participation.  Launch the survey from your social media, driving them to a website where your survey is hosted.

  7. Weight Loss.  Weight loss is one of the top New Year’s resolutions people make every year. People set out to live healthier lifestyles through new diets and fitness routines. Since the target market is there and ready to take steps toward change, businesses like gyms, health food stores and dieticians can advertise their businesses and products with discount prices, free product samples and demonstrations.

  8. Goal Setting and Renewed Focus.  Other New Year’s resolutions people make include changes to their love lives, their finances and even their careers. Advertising self-help books, DVDs and seminars during January is a sure way to attract consumers who are dedicated to making changes in their lives for the New Year. Advertising can focus on creating a new you, on making a change and empowerment. Marketing messages should encourage consumers toward their goals, and give them benefit-oriented information about how products and services can improve their lives.


Special weeks in January include:

  • 1st-7th:  Celebration of Life Week
  • 1st-8th:  National Lose Weight & Feel Great week
  • 3rd-9th:  New Year’s Resolution Week
  • 5th-9th:  Women’s Self-Empowerment week
  • 9th-15th:  Home Office Safety & Awareness week
  • 16th-22nd:  Healthy Weight & Hunt for Happiness week

Special Dates for January to consider:

  • 1st:  New Year’s Day
  • 6th:  Epiphany/12th night
  • 7th:  I’m not going to take it anymore day & Orthodox Christmas
  • 10th:  National Cut Your Energy Costs, National Clean off Your Desk & United Nations Day
  • 14th:  Organize Your Home Day
  • 15th:  Humanitarian Day
  • 16th:  Religious Freedom & World Religion Day
  • 17th:  Customer Service & Martin Luther King Jr Day
  • 20th:  Get to Know Your Customers & Women’s Healthy Weight Day
  • 21st:  National Hugging Day
  • 22nd:  Celebration of Life Day
  • 23rd:  National Pie Day
  • 24th:  National Compliment Day
  • 25th:  National Speak Up & Succeed Day
  • 28th:  Fun at Work Day
  • 29th:  Freethinker’s Day


Take Action.

Just do it!  This is where the majority of us business owners fail.  We think, we plan (sometimes), we sit around and talk, but we do not TAKE ACTION.  We need to keep our businesses moving forward with our sales for our livelihood.  We don’t need to do everything today, but we need to do something everyday.  Failure to take action or a risk is the biggest risk of all because we shut off all possible opportunities.


Let’s make 2014 the best marketing year of our entrepreneurial careers!


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