How To Market Your Headshots

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Headshots remain an effective way to draw in potential customers. For those in theater, film and television, your business can develop from potential customers in these areas and beyond.  Follow these guidelines to market your headshots.


Using brochures is perhaps the most effective way to market headshots in print.  They are much more compact than other methods of in-print advertising.  Also, brochures allow potential consumers to see a wide body of work and also allow potential consumers to read more about your business and the services you offer. Make sure you have a wide variety of headshots in your brochure. You want the consumer to get a feel for the variety which you can service. Also, pay attention to the color scheme you employ, and the writing and descriptions regarding your business and headshots. Send your brochures to agencies and businesses who have clients which need headshots. If you have to pay to advertise in this way, you should find your advertising budget has value here. Brochures are a great way for potential customers to see first-hand the quality your business has to offer.

Online Advertising

Your company’s website should have plenty of examples of your headshots.  Before you market headshots, you should ensure a wide variety of lighting, poses, and uses in which you portray on your website. When potential customers make contact with your website, you want them to be able to see the variety and quality your headshots have to offer. Actively seek marketing opportunities online which link to your website. Free advertising, such as viral marketing, is worthwhile. You could set up a page for your business on Facebook with headshot examples, and try contacting those who may be interested. You could also be active in related forums, where you could display your work. In any case, make sure you are not just spamming the community: get to know the other users so that you can occasionally display your work. Paid advertising can also be effective online. You could buy advertising space on related industries whose members would need headshots, or even agencies which are specific to the location of your business.  Carefully weigh your options if you have a budget for advertising.


Special offers and promotions are always a great way to expose customers to your product.  Combine this with the two previous methods of advertising to entice clients to try your services.  It can also generate traffic to your company’s website if you hold specials online consistently. Offer specials to first-time clients.  Package offers and other discounts are great ways to get interested consumers to try your services.  Even something as simple as a no-obligation sitting is a great way to attract customers.

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