How to Customize Facebook Tabs to Link to your Website (VIDEO TUTORIAL)

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Facebook tabs are the boxes below your Facebook cover.

They can link to a customized page you create on your Facebook or they can link out to a URL of your choice.

These tabs are important for your social media marketing, because they let you create a much richer user experience on Facebook and control the content that your followers see when they visit your page.

So, with the new layout, how do you create your own custom Facebook tabs?

WARNING:  This is not for the novice user.  My company actually does this for our clients because it’s not easy.

I made a video on how to customize your tabs.  You must watch it fully or else you will be totally lost

If you don’t want to watch the video, here is the play by play

coke_tabs-300x258Step 1:  Know What You’re Going to Do and DesignTabs are located directly under your Facebook cover.  In the Coke example to the right, the orange box is highlighting your tabs.  You only see the top row of tabs, and you can only customize 3 of those tabs.  The first one is always photos.

Your team needs to know know what you want to do with the tabs.  Your cover design needs to point to the tab and the tab needs a customized design as well.

I wrote the article Steps to Using Facebook Tabs as Call To Action to Convert to help you decide what you’re going to do and design.

Step 2:  Visit Woobox Custom Tabs Page on Facebook

Go to from your Facebook.woobox


Step 3:  Install Page Tab

Click the Install Page Tab Green button



Step 4:  Choose the Facebook Page

Pick the page you want to customize with tabs and click “add page tabs”

Step 5:  Pick Page Source URL

This is where you want to put the website where you want to link to.

If you’re offering a free download, put the URL to where they can download.  If you’re trying to get people to a blog, put the URL to your blog.



Step 6:  Naming and Uploading Tab Image

Like I said in step 1, you have to have an image ready for that tab.  The image must be EXACTLY 111px wide by 74px tall.

Check out how The Creative Complex designed our tabs:




So the next step for you is to upload that image you guys create:




Click “save settings”

(IF INSTALLING MORE THAN 1 TAB) Step 7:  Install Another Tab:

Once you click save settings, don’t close the box.  Click the last option to “Install Another Tab”.

Hover over the first image, then when the pop up comes up, click on the first image.  For the 2nd, 3rd and 4th tabs, click on the next images.  For each tab you have to click another image.


Show us some creative ways that you’ve used your Facebook cover photo to drive eyeballs to your tabs.

Comment below.

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