Helicopters Have Landed at The Creative Complex

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Today the UPS guy made a very special delivery that we’ve been waiting DAYS for!  Yup, we snagged the Syma S107 / S107G R / C Helicopter – Yellow, the Syma S102G 3-Channel RC Indoor Mini Co-Axial Infared UH-6… , and the Syma 16.5CM S026G 3.5Ch 3 Channel Mini Chinook RC Helicop….

Let me tell you, these things are AWESOME to have around the office!

We’re a bunch of 30-somthing year-old kids at the office.  We have a ping-pong table, basketball court and Rockband upstairs in the loft.  But these other distractions are are NOTHING like the remote control helicopters!  Not even close.

Right out of the box it is impressive. The quality of construction is beautiful to look at. If you’ve ever seen one of the huge rc helicopters that the pros fly, this looks like a scaled down version, with a metal frame and boom tubes just like the big ones. A couple of tips if you’re new to this type of toy:

  1. Don’t take it outside.  Keep in indoors.
  2. After charging, put the helicopter on a clear section of floor and turn on the helicopter and remote.
  3. First get used to the left control, the one that makes it go up and down.  Don’t touch the right control yoke yet – you don’t need it.
  4. Hold the throttle yoke in your left hand and the small trim adjuster knob in the right.
  5. GRADUALLY move the left yoke forward to increase throttle until the helicopter barely leaves the ground. Watch for left or right rotation and turn the trim knob to make the helicopter hover without rotating. Once it hovers without turning by using only the throttle, you’re ready to fly.
  6. Get used to the throttle by GRADUALLY increasing and decreasing. The biggest problem is using too much throttle and hitting the ceiling, then the helicopter falls all the way to the floor. That’s how they break. If you’re careful, you’ll be OK.
  7. ENJOY. This is the coolest toy we’ve had in years, we bought 4 of them!!!  LoL


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