Headshot Usage

Headshot Usage
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We always take time to learn from my clients why they’ve hired us to take their pictures.  This knowledge helps us deliver a greater value to the individuals and companies we serve.

Attorney HeadshotImage Competition

Simply put, if your headshots will be shown next to those of your competitors, you’ll want your photos to be better than the rest.  For example, are you listed on a website that displays multiple service providers to choose from, such as a list of realtors or attorneys?  If your photo looks better than your competition, your great headshot could be all it takes for you to get more leads.

Social Entrepreneur PortraitMarket Yourself

A great headshot is critical for many marketing and advertising campaigns.  Advertisements you place online, on billboards, bus stops, and inside magazines receive better response rates if they include great pictures.  Engaging, honest headshots are an important part of showing why your prospective clients should hire YOU and not your competition.

Many ads only feature a headshot, a service description, and a phone number.  We make sure our clients have picture-perfect images that capture their market’s attention.

Computer Programmer in San DiegoSocial Media  

Earn more and better-paying clients through social media and online marketing.  Be found by prospective employers on LinkedIn with a great headshot that showcases you looking your best.  Your corporate headshot can craft your online image and control how the market sees you.

Pastor HeadshotProgram Pictures

If you’re a public speaker or regularly speak at events, event planners and coordinators definitely need a great picture of you to use in the program.  An attorney who regularly speaks at congressional hearings contacted us specifically for a headshot to be used when he gives talks.

Opthamalogist HeadshotOffice Portraits

Doctors, attorneys, and lawyers often have pictures of themselves and their staff up at the office, to help create a friendly, welcoming environment for their clients or patients.

Surgeon HeadshotWebsite Images

Many companies are including pictures on staff bio webpages – many consumers expect to be able to click and see who they will be working with.  We’ve partnered with a number of web designers and small businesses to create top-notch employee portraits for web pages.

Executive Analyst PortraitShowcase expertise

A great corporate headshot will showcase your confidence and expertise.  As part of your overall image, you’ll look more professional online when you have professional pictures.  Conversely, you can lose your market’s confidence with a bad picture.

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