Desiging Event Flyers for Instagram – 3 Tips & Tricks

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Don’t just take the current flyer your designer made and throw it on Instagram.  There’s too much information and people are going to get really turned off.

Instead, be simple, straight and to the point.

Here are some tips & tricks

Resize to Square:

Since Instagram (and now Facebook) are showing pictures as perfect squares, your designer needs to provide you with a  version of the flyer sized for Instagram.  It needs to be a 1:1 aspect ratio, like 960×960.  Remember, you also want it to look good on the web version of Instagram, so you don’t want something small like 400×400.  Then it will come out blurry online and it won’t be useful for Facebook.  I would stick to anything above 600×600.  Just remember it needs to be a perfect square.

Keep Information Simple:

Flyers come with TONS of information on them.  For Instagram, you need to let the image do the talking.  If you’re having Carl Cox, then just have his image, his logo, the date and your venue.  Then in the comment area you can write the URL where they can purchase tickets.

Brand Your Weekly Event

If people see you posting flyer after flyer with a bunch of text, they might unfollow you.

Instead, use Instagram to imprint visual images of your event brand in the minds of your fans.

For example, here is an instagram posting for Kontrol Thursdays at Mansion.  They included the logo for Kontrol, and nothing else.  That simplicity, along with the consistent design & branding for Kontrol make this a perfect Instagram campaign.  After 4 or 5 posts like this, people will only need to see the artwork to know it’s Kontrol Thursdays.



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