3 Steps to Deliver Results with Your Flyer Designs

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These 3 steps I’m about to teach are going to give you and your team a better understanding of what goes into the perfect flyer design so that you can live in harmony with your graphic designer and produce flyers that will affect the bottom line of how many people come to your event.

Step 1: Designs that Deliver Results Start with Great Communication

My favorite part of putting an event together is the “high” you get at the beginning when planning the whole thing out. I can remember putting my first event together back in 1999. We would meet at my parents’ house, IHOP®, KFC®, and pretty much anywhere that had good food.

Every event starts with a good meeting among your team.  The most successful venues have a process in meetings about events.  A good meeting is well organized, brief, to the point and interesting, and it gives everyone the chance to express his or her ideas.  No one dominates. People leave it thinking, “I wish more meetings were like that.” As an attendee, you know that you were important in that meeting, and that meeting was important to you!

Why is a good meeting so rare? Because it takes work to organize a successful one and repeat the process. Since all events and marketing campaigns are built on regular meetings, making them good is key.

When you’re planning your event, the process should ALWAYS begin with a meeting.  In this meeting you’ll discuss the Creative Concept, look at other designs for inspiration, decide the Type of Event: Branded Night vs. One-Off Events, talk about the Wording, Set Deadlines, obviously come up with an Event Name and logo ideas.  At the meeting you’ll choose the Right Designer becuase different designers have different skills.  Finally, you’ll discuss your budget – Depends on Where You Promote and how hard.

Now that you’ve communicated well with your team, how easy will it be to communicate your brilliant new event brand with your designer?  You should be having very similar meetings with your design teams.  Some of you will be blessed to have designers sitting in on the meetings, most will not.  Filling out a design request form directly after the meeting will be best.

Step 2:  Designs that Deliver Results Honor the Structure of a Great Flyer

It’s not only important for a graphic designer to know the structure of a great flyer, it’s also important for you to know so that you’re both on the same page.

To design a great flyer, it must go through the following seven stages:

  1. Creativity – look at other designs, our clients get monthly design inspiration emails.  I’ll get you on that email list if you bring me your card later.
  2. Color – different colors attract different people and set different moods
  3. Graphics
  4. Information – 5 w’s
  5. Font Usage – 2-3 fonts max
  6. Call To Action – whats next?
  7. Proofing

The design request form that we send our clients takes them through this process.  Remember how before I was talking about having systems and processes.  Your event is only as good as the process, and your flyer will only be as good as the process you and your designer go through coming up with it.

I go into detail about each one of these steps in my Guide to the Perfect Event Flyer, you’ll get a copy of that to your email when you come to the front and bring me your business card.

Step 3:  Designs that Deliver Results Are Designed By The Perfect Designer

Who is designing your flyers?  Your hipster girlfriend that knows how to use Photoshop because she dabbles in photography?  Your best friend from college that got a job as a graphic designer for Sprint and does your flyers on his spare time?  Or the DJ who doubles as a designer, making $50 per flyer?  Or maybe you hired a graphic design firm like mine?

You probably already know that tons of freelance designers and design firms are out there for you to choose from, not all of which are the same. Choosing the wrong one, though, could result in a waste of your money or even worse, cause damage to your event brand.

How can you be certain that the logo design and graphic design company you choose is right for your needs? These are the most important traits to look for in your designer or company.

  • Experience
  • Familiarity with your industry
  • Complete event branding services
  • Good listening skills
  • A strong portfolio

What tactics have worked for you to help you deliver results with your flyer designs?

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