Creative Complex Turns 9 Years Young!

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On August 1, 2005, a couple of crazy kids from Miami Lakes got together with one goal in mind:  start a company where CREATIVES would come together under one roof (a COMPLEX) to provide digital marketing services.

Nine years later, we’re stronger and more alive than ever before!

Our company has made tremendous leaps and bounds in providing a better experience to our clients and prospects through improved customer relationship management, stricter project management, and a 100% eye on quality customer service.  Internally, the company has improved on operations, human resources, sales, marketing and financial management systems and processes.

Personally, I’ve grown more in the last year than I have in the first 8 years of my business.  I’ve made an investment in learning how to be a better leader, sales person and marketer by joining mastermind groups and business coaching programs.  Furthermore, my relationship with God and Jesus Christ has flown to new levels and depths that couldn’t be contained in this one blog post.

I want to thank all of the people that have touched this company over the years.  To all of my partners, employees, vendors, clients, prospects, friends and family that have supported us:  THANK YOU!  We wouldn’t be anything without you.

Mom, thank you for believing in your son.  You’re an example to all mothers who have entrepreneurial kids to hang in there, hold tight and believe.  You have continually encouraged me, and I’m everything I am as an entrepreneur because you loved and believed in me.

The future is brighter than ever for The Creative Complex.  We have new people joining our team almost every week!  New products and services are in the horizon as our relationships continue to expand and our foundations of project management and customer service solidify.

I’ve had many slogans over the years.  The last 6 months we’ve been operating as “Your Graphics Team”.  We’ve focused down to our core business:  providing jaw dropping designs for graphic-hungry marketing departments and entrepreneurs.

But we’re moving into a new growth phase into our business.  Stay tuned to the amazing new changes, they are going to come quickly!

Until next year’s blog post, pray for us :-)

All my best always,

Alex Miranda

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