Creative Complex Rebrands Redemption Ministries Church Conference

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We are very excited to announce that we have completed our rebranding of Redemption Ministries Church Conference out of Virginia.

Similar to our story with Miami Valley Church, Redemption Ministries approached The Creative Complex during the Breaking 500 Church Ninja Conference in the summer of 2014 for graphic design work.  What started out as 2 or 3 event flyers turned into a full rebranding of the ministry.

Bishop Dayton Birt and the rest of the team at Redemption were going through a “strat op” season where they were digging deep to find their mission, vision and goals for the next 10 years.  One of the main discoveries during this process was that they lacked “communication” with the rest of their conference.  That lack of communication was deeply rooted in their lack of branding.

By working with their strat op team and bringing in our passion for ministry work, we were able to see their vision and translate it into a great brand for them!

Today, Redemption Ministries is fresh as a new glass of spring water!

Not only did we do their rebranding, but now The Creative Complex founder Alex Miranda is a speaker at their annual reActivate Summit every February speaking to church leaders about branding and entrepreneurship.  In February 2015 he presented the entire conference with their new brand, watch the presentation here:  redemption ministries branding reveal.

We are rebranding that annual event as well and will have a new website for it by spring of 2015.

We stand behind the vision of Redemption Ministries:  Seek to extend the influence of the kingdom of God by providing connection, covering, consulting and coaching that empowers disciples, leaders and churches to discover their full kingdom potential.

We’re excited to present you Redemption Ministries and blessed to bring this vision to life.

We hope you enjoy the work we did!

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