Case Study: How Lakes Orthodontics Looks Amazing with Monthly Brand Management

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My friends Alex Crespi and his wife Carmen have opened up an amazing Orthodontic practice in Miami Lakes.

From the moment they sat in my office in 2012 with the idea, I knew they would be successful.

Now they are one of the fastest growing Orthodontic practices in Miami, and we like to think it’s because of their awesome branding :-)

The owners of Lakes Orthodontics came to The Creative Complex because, well, they are Ortho people and we’re design people.  Aside from being personal friends, the owners have seen our work and trusted in our knowledge to manage their brand.

The case study below outlines the challenges they faced, the solution we offered, and the benefits of them having The Creative Complex as their marketing team!


The owners wanted to look great out in the market, but didn’t have time to be thinking about monthly promotions.  With so much going on in starting the business and then growing it, the last thing that gets thought of is, unfortunately, marketing & branding.  This is the case with many small business owners.


The Creative Complex offers a monthly program called PDS (Preferred Digital Services).  It’s like having your own “Outsourced Creative Director” along with a graphic design department.

Every month we meet with the owner for 15 minutes, discuss the next month’s promotion, and we get to work on designing the collateral.

Look at what we’ve done each month:















A huge problem with small business owners is that they WISH they did marketing & branding, but they don’t have the time for it.  The biggest benefit here is ACCOUNTIBILITY.  We’re not waiting for you to contact us to put in a promotion.  We’re contacting YOU.  We act as your marketing department, and we’re giving tons of ideas.

Here are other benefits that Lakes Orthodontics receives:

  • Quality Designs – They now have a team of premium quality designers that knows their brand.
  • Consistent Designs – Since one team is managing the brand (and not several freelancers), the brand stays consistent.
  • Fast Turnaround – They get 24-48 turn-around on most design requests.
  • Branding Accountability – Like I said above, we are PROACTIVE. This means we’re reaching out to YOU to make sure your branding is on point.
  • Best Price – For the quality design and turn-around, they get an amazing price.
  • Creative Director – They get an Outsourced Creative Director that’s attentive to their marketing
  • Project Manager – They have a project manager making sure designs are done on time
  • Client Portal – They have one central place were a they can place orders, see past designs, check invoices and manage all their projects.
  • Discounted Design: They receive 20-30% discount on all other services, including email design, websites, marketing strategies and more!
  • Marketing Training: They receive periodic branding & marketing training, and even some breakfasts with me to “Mastermind” our businesses together….that’s a bonus because the owners are close personal friends :-)

We look forward to continuing to grow as Lakes Orthodontics makes a name for itself as a nationwide respected leader in Orthodontics.




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