Case Study: How Jose’s Hands Rebranding Triples Donations

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Many nonprofits continue to use their brands primarily as a fundraising tool, but a growing number of nonprofits are developing a broader and more strategic approach, managing their brands to create greater social impact and tighter organizational cohesion.

Jose’s Hands has completed a rebranding process with Creative Complex. We focused less on revenue generation and more on social impact and organizational cohesion.

“They’re catalysts,” says Alex Miranda, founder of Creative Complex. “Could we have greater impact if we leverage the Jose’s Hands brand in different ways? What difference could it make to attach our logo to things to help health student get on missions in other ways? Can we use our brand to elevate other brands?” The questions we asked weren’t about raising money, so much so as to producing different areas of brand exposure, providing value to their target audience they’re helping (health students), and generating income streams in other ways than asking for donations. We’re leveraging the Jose’s Hands brand in the cause of greater help to health students.


Jose’s Hands started quickly and a logo and website were put together out of necessity.  For the first 5 years of the organization they were finding themselves.  It’s more important to GO LIVE and get things going.  Once the identity is fully formed, then a rebranding is necessary.

The problem was that after 5 years, they needed their start-up brand updated to their mature identity.  They also needed a way to connect with their target audience in new ways and generate income from ways other than donations.

They tried to solve these problems by doing different types of events and fundraisers.  These events would bring exposure, but not to the right target market.  They would also bring a low return on the time invested.


Build and Strengthen the Brand to Stand Out

JH_IdentityStrategy_WEB9We needed to stand out an innovate beyond the mass of solicitations, distinguish its cause from other organizations doing similar work, and inspire others to support them. We wanted to elicit positive emotional responses because people understand and identify with each one’s mission and know that the organization is consistently true to it.

While it was tempting to turn Jose’s Hands passion into action immediately, with 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States, we first needed to distinguish their nonprofit from other organizations doing similar work.

We started with the mission—something easy for people to understand what they do.

“Until Every Health Student Is On A Medical Mission”

We started on making a clear promise to their audience.  Once we knew our tagline, we needed to build a brand and products that would support this big hairy audacious goal.


Before someone makes that online donation or steps up to volunteer their time, they have to believe that the organization has the ability to deliver on its promise. Member and donors want to know that Jose’s Hands can be trusted and have solid management practices so that their money is put to good use.

We developed amazing collateral to evoke credibility in the brand along with a website the delivers authenticity.

joses hands website


Story Telling

We helped Jose’s Hands craft and hone in on an amazing, inspiring story.  The story is the foundation of their strong brand—it gives the deep meaning to their mission and helps people connect to what they do.


Multiple Streams of Income

It wasn’t just about getting more donations.  We wanted to help their target market more while being able to produce revenue from different sources.

This is a new brand we launched under Jose’s Hands brand that allows non-profits to put up scholoarship opportunites for students.  The students now have a one-stop shop to shop for scholarships and non-profits have a way to manage and award scholarships.  Non-profits pay a fee for using the platform to find students.

scholarship site joses hands

This is a crowdfunding website created to help health students get funding for their trips.  This website gives students an easy and fun way to fundraise while Jose’s Hands gets to generate funds from merchant transaction fees.

fund med mission

This website is like the of medical missions.  Medical Mission organizations post their “tours” and manage all of their missionaries from one platform.  Again, Jose’s Hands benefits from the merchant transaction fees.

med trips


In 2015, the year of the rebranding, Jose’s Hands raise more money that it had in 5 years combined.  We believe we have helped create a strong brand to become well known and raise more money.

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