8 Best Practices for Facebook Cover Photos

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So, you’re ready to put up your Facebook Cover Photo, but here are a few things you might need to know before going there.

#1 Follow the Guidelines

Some of you may not know this, or you may be daunted by the idea, but guidelines for Facebook Cover Photos do exist. Check them out here.

There are no explicit consequences to violating the guidelines provided, but chances are that the photo will be taken down.

 #2 Make Sure It Fits

As surely as there are guidelines for posting your cover Photo, there are also size restraints.

As of right now, the Cover Photo is limited to 851(wide)x315(high) pixels. If this sounds like gibberish to you, then hire a professional to the job once and do the job right.

Why waste the time, money and effort when you can get a professional to create a Cover Photo?

 #3 Consider the Profile Picture

It’s easy to forget, I’m sure, that there is a Profile Picture that overlays your Cover Photo. Remember this when creating your Cover Photos, as the Profile Picture may block (possibly vital) content in your Cover Photo.

Here at The Creative Complex, we recommend Facebook re-brands for every new cause, release or event. It helps keep the page consistent and clean.

 #4 Align, Align, Align

Since the Profile Picture is on the left, it is wise to alight most (or the heaviest) of your content to the right. This creates balance and ingenuity, which is pleasing to the eye and harbors trust in the consumers mind.

 #5 Continuity and Integration Techniques

We’ve all seen those neat integrated designs that flow consistently throughout a Facebook page, like a giant portrait. Integration is the single greatest form of consistency, but may not work for your needs.

For some, it is just a matter of style. Take our client, FIFTY. All they needed was a robust but consistent theme to market their Holiday and Seasonal events.

It’s not integrated, per-se, but it is consistent, stylish and robust.

 #6 Include Your Call-to-Action

Since this is what fans and visitors will see first, it would be wise to include a call-to-action (COA). This is where integration and consistency techniques really work. Your Cover Photo should either contain a COA or lead to one later on.

 #7 Link to Your Site or Product

Cover Photos function like other photos in the sense that they can be described, liked and so on. Use this to your advantage by linking to landing pages and other sites that will be profitable to your sales.

 #8 Use #Hashtags Liberally

Hashtags are big now; probably bigger than anyone expected. Use them liberally and diversely; far and wide. But, remember, the idea is to have these Hashtags come back to your landing page and generate a lead or sale.

These are just a few tips to better use your Facebook Cover Photo, but you need a good one first.

Questions? Comments? Let us know below!


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