4 Signs You Know It’s Time to Rebrand Your Church

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Are you considering rebranding your church but you don’t know if it’s the right time?

Just the fact that you’re considering it probably tells you it’s time.

But we don’t rebrand “just for fun”.  In the end, it has to make sense from a planning and fiduciary responsibility standpoint.  You don’t spend marketing dollars just because everyone else is doing it, you do it because it will help various factors that contribute to your brand equity.

The important factors to consider when assessing the need of a rebrand include

  • how well do people already know your current brand
  • how unique and accessible are you
  • how strong is your current brand
  • how do consumers make their choices for churches around you

If rebranding can improve any of the factors above, you may want to think seriously about rebranding.

Here are 4 signs that your church needs to rebrand.


Your Community Has Grown

Your brand is the public face of your church. A well-executed rebrand can allow your church to reflect current market dynamics and reach those who don’t necessarily know much about your church or have interest in church in general, accelerate pipeline performance and become a leading voice in the ministry. Emerge from the background and increase your message through an updated image. By revisiting your brand messaging, you can counter a loss in confidence and/or decreased contributions.


Other Churches Have Popped Up Around You

Rebranding can help you to cater more efficiently to current  attendance demands. Many churches operate in markets with contradicting messages, fragmented audiences and promotional clutter. An effective rebrand can help improve your impact in a crowded market. As the church continues to grow and develop, people hungry for spiritual maturity and involvement will keep coming back to see what’s new.


Your Church Has Grown

A rebrand can become a public expression of a church’s growth. As any small church prospers, a rebrand can reflect the larger, more sophisticated church it has become. Churches that fail to develop their brand risk becoming dwarfed by other, more dynamic, ministries.


Technology Has Changed….And You Haven’t

Just as a church’s brand must reflect changes in size and market position, it must also reflect changes in technological innovation. Technology and church development are often inseparable from one another. Any brand associated with technology must keep pace within its sector and may have to consider rebranding to reflect changing trends.

Again, your brand is the public face of your church. When it fails to reflect the level of innovation your church has achieved, your flock may assume that you have fallen behind the times. Churches who consistently rebrand their events, apps, themes and services — even those churches who may not have your strengths — could potentially outperform you in terms of reputation and profitability (contributions).

Whatever your reason for rebranding, your church’s brand must remain consistent with the latest and greatest your church has to offer. Whether reflecting advancements in your technology or services or the growing nature of your church as a whole, the process of rebranding is essential to communicate your level of quality to your member base and increase your brand equity (the value of your brand if sold).

If your church is rebranding and you’d like a complementary brand assessment, visit www.thecreativecomplex.com/call and we’ll be in touch.

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