3 Sure Ways to Lose on Shark Tank

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If you are a true business person and go getter then you have to be hooked on the ABC hit show Shark Tank. My favorite is Barbara for many reasons, one of those being she knows exactly what she is looking for when it comes to success!

Barbara Corcoran  “As one of the “Sharks” on ABC’s hit TV show, SHARK TANK, Barbara has ponied up her own money and invested in twenty-two businesses, competing to make those deals for all to see, then shepherding them to success.”

Check out this video where she breaks down these 3 sure ways to Lose on potential $$$$

  1. Never make eye contact
  2. Refuse to admit to say… “I don’t know”
  3. You don’t look the part (Branding anyone??…just saying)

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A couple powerful points that have to be pointed out from this interview:

  • Power and Authority by setting the “2 foot platform to sit above the prospect” – now I am not saying we all need to go out a build a stage to do our thing. However I am saying we need to interpret this into how can we build a platform perception to talk to our prospects. There are many ways you can do this using digital authority marketing using Webinars, Branded Post, Blogs, Press Releases, etc…
  • A “Good Brand” = Memorable …when I don’t have to write it down because I remember it and a side note was owning the website behind the brand. If you don’t have a website yet behind your brand, what year are you in? JK…kind ofWe can help you with that so dont worry….
  • She doesn’t invest in if it doesn’t air on TV= basically she looks for Promotion! Are you promoting your brand? If so how – facebook, youtube, twitter, blogging, etc…?
  • Her Dream: Partner with Entrepreneurs filled with vision, enthusiasm, and talent helping them hit the jackpot in all kinds of industries. Funny enough that is exactly what we do and why our business even exist! You need a good team to take you to the next level of authority in your industry.
  • Feel free to ignore this but she is there to help – at the end of the day you can ignore all of this but we will continue to offer our tricks, tips, and help as well!

I am sure we can work together and make sure you can’t lose


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