15 Ways to Market and Promote your 15-Second Video

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You created your 15-second short video.  If you’re like me, you put a lot of time, effort and thought into your video.  So now what?

Make the most of each upload!

Here are 15 ways to market and promote your 15-second video:

  1. SEO-optimized title: Your video title is essential in helping your video be found, so use appropriate keywords.
  2. SEO description: Include a description that isn’t keyword stuffed, but does include your main keywords.
  3. Website Link:  In instagram, youtube and facebook, you can add your website link to the description.
  4. Maximize your tags and hashtags: So many people do not maximize the number of tags or #hashtags that they can have. Tags are your keywords, and they are critically important to being found. Include any relevant tags. Then, check back in a month or two to see how that particular video is being found—and change out some of the tags that are insignificant.  You might need some cool video hash tags to add on. Here are some tags you can add on your Instagram video(s)  #video #instavid #instagramvideo #votd #vid #instavideo #videogram #videooftheday #instavideo #bestvideooftheday #igvideo #igvid
  5. Post on Pinterest: Did you know you can add your YouTube Videos to Pinterest? Pinterest allows people to watch the video directly on Pinterest. Unless they have motivation or reason to find out more, most viewers will not click through to your YouTube channel.
  6. Like your video: The number of likes on your video helps it gain popularity, so by liking it, you’re just helping it get the attention of the audience you’re trying to target.
  7. Share it on Facebook: Whether you have a Facebook page dedicated to your blog or website, or whether you just use your personal Facebook profile, you will want to share your video there for people to see.  You never know who they will share it with—this is how many videos have gone viral. If you are posting a video that involves a company, take the time to tag them in the post with the video link.
  8. Post to Facebook:  Facebook also allows you to upload videos.  Don’t just post a video on one social media, post it on as many as you can!
  9. Share It on Twitter: As usual, you want to shoot a link to your video out to all your Twitter followers. Be sure to include relevant hash tags and, if your video features a company and its product, then you definitely want to include their Twitter handle in the tweet too.
  10. Share it on Google+: YouTube is owned by Google and so is Google+. They like each other, so make sure they like your videos too.
  11. Share it on LinkedIn (if appropriate): If your video is business-related and will help your efforts to grow your business, then you certainly want to share it on LinkedIn.
  12. Schedule it to post on HootSuite monthly, for the next year: I like to come up with a Tweet or a Facebook posting for each new video, and reschedule them for release once a month for a year. It shows clients and prospects you’re promoting that you are looking to maintain your relationships with them, and also helps an old video enjoy new life every month.
  13. Write a blog post and embed the video: More than likely you are trying to get Google to love your website and want to put it at the top of their search engine results. So make them love it more by embedding your YouTube videos into your blog posts.
  14. Add it to a playlist: Whether you have already established playlists, or need a new one for this video, add it to a playlist using a relevant keyword from the video.
  15. Send an Email:  Take a screenshot of the video with a play button over it, then put that image in an email.  People will think you can play the video right on the email, and they will click.  Then link that to the video URL so it will open that up.


Let us know if you have any more ideas.  Comment below.



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