11 Ways to Use Instagram – short 15-second – Videos for Your Business

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Think about all the reasons YOU watch videos on YouTube, or heart videos on Instagram, or like videos on Facebook.  Think of all the welcome videos you’ve watched at someone’s website to find out a bit more information.

Integrating video into your marketing strategy can have big payoffs.

Here are 11 ways your business can use short videos:

  1. Bring Flyers to Life:  Take that promo flyer, add some music, possibly a voice-over and add cool visual effects to bring that one-dimensional flyer to life!
  2. Lookbooks:  Companies with portfolios or several products in a line can use short videos to get the products viewed.
  3. A mini product demo:  Demonstrate your product or service.  You could be in the video, you might not be.  If you invite people to ask questions or make comments, the video can generate some reach!
  4. Give a Tour:  Whether it’s a tour of your business, or a tour of a real estate property, people like to see things before they purchase.
  5. Events:  Provide more information than someone can read on a flyer, add music to make the person feel like they are already there!
  6. Company News:  Announce an awesome milestone in your company, like a 10-year anniversary!
  7. Tips & How-To’s:  Have a blog?  Take ONE tip at a time and say what you have to say in 13 seconds or less!  (need to give 1 second before and after to put your logo) They’ll get to hear your expertise straight from your mouth, making your ideas more personal.
  8. Behind the Scenes:  I would love to get a behind the scenes snip of what a DJ does before going on stage.  For brands, it lets you show what your company REALLY does.  It helps your followers and prospects understand how much thought, time, and/or effort goes into doing what you do can help you better sell your product or service.
  9. Testimonials:  This is HUGE!  Grab a short testimonial and the brand your company at the end.  But don’t just get testimonials from customers.  Get employees, interns and even business partners.  Heck, get your friends involved!
  10. Sneak Peak:  Have a big product release?  Starting something new and want to tease it to your crowd?  Short videos can do just that!
  11. Break Up Long Videos:  Have long videos already created?  You can now create multiple videos and repurpose the same video content.


Let us know if you have any more ideas.  Comment below.

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