Our clients use us to bring clarity, purpose and passion into their lives and businesses by rebranding their logo, website, tagline and collateral.


We Bring Your Visions To Life.

You have a vision for your company.  You know you need a powerful brand to get there.  We take your idea and connect it with the exact target audience you’re looking to reach.

Don’t Take Our Work For It.

Listen to what past entrepreneurs have felt once they go through our 3-day rebranding process.

Joel’s Experience

“For them to showcase what they came up with , Burt and I were both very impressed with what they came up with. We were very excited leaving that meeting looking forward to what was yet to come.”

Tim’s Experience

“As a pastor, it’s hard to trust anyone else with God’s vision that he has given you, but Alex and his team took the extra effort to translate my vision into something that they could do they did a lot of hard work to understand who we were and what we were trying to do.”

Irfaan’s Experience

“Their ability to think outside the box was what set them apart. We get compliments from other people in the industry , and we’re constantly getting positive feedback about our website.”

Do you struggle with…..

  • The name of your company isn’t connecting.
  • Your logo or website is outdated.
  • Leadership has changed and the company is different now.
  • Identity crisis:  the company started one way and is different now, but the designs don’t reflect it.
  • You have new products and services, but the name and website aren’t speaking the same language.
  • You’ve managed your brand this whole time, but now you don’t have the time.
  • Numbers are down, competitors are taking market share.

Here’s how it all works:

Company Takeover

We will become one with the CEO, step into the shoes of the employees, contractors, vendors and clients, to immerse ourselves in the business.


Vision To Life

We will produce the perfect brand that will magnetically attract your exact target audience to want to like, know, trust, and do business with you and only you.  We’ll even help you launch it!


Wish You Had A Brand Like Apple?

Apple’s brand is more than its logo, website, and product design.

Before the Apple brand was created, Steve Job’s identity was formed.  From his DNA came this notion of “I want to put a ding in the universe”.  How the heck do you translate that into a brand?  That’s our job to figure out, and it’s your job to keep dinging away.

Ready to bring your vision to life?

About Us

Creative Complex was founded by entrepreneurs who watched their friends experience pain, fear, and loss during the process of planning, starting and operating businesses, while noticing that some companies were kicking butt.

They made it their new mission in life to teach and employ the branding strategies used by the ultra successful brands (like Apple) to build their companies.

With laptops in hand, they began an adventure into the world of marketing in order to learn from, and partner with, some of the most successful creatives on the planet.

In 10 years, more than 150 companies from 5 countries have been touched by The Creative Complex, making us a worldwide branding agency with the experience necessary to handle your brand.

Your Guides Into the World Of Branding

Alex MirandaFounder

I inspire people and businesses to discover and live out their true identity.

Mark RodriguezCreative Director

They call me the ACE of branding. I create the identity and initial design concepts for clients.

Our Process for Bringing Your Vision to Life

Identity Strategy

Developing your Key Messaging Strategy.Book an Identity Strategy Session Now.

Identity to Life

Bringing the identity strategy to life through finalized logo, brand moodboard, and style guide.

Identity Expressed

Creating templated design pieces to support brand outreach including all print and digital graphics.

Multimedia Identity

We create your music, photography and videography identity.

Identity Online

We create your online presence through websites, SEO, social media, and email identity.

Identity Launch

Once your brand is ready, we help you launch it to the world and generate leads.

Identity Consulting

Either before or after we’ve created your identity, we can help create and clarify your identity and branding.

Teaching Identity

Once we’ve completed the identity, we’re dedicated to continued education and accountability with our clients.

Why choose us ?

What, How and Why We Do

Meaningful Business

Knowing your ‘WHY’ gives meaning to your business. Most people wouldn’t care of 80% of the businesses in this world disappeared. Why? Because people are looking for specific benefits they can get from companies. Unfortunately, there’s a gap between what they expect and what they are given. I believe this is because the entrepreneur hasn’t fully connected HIS OWN meaning to the business and shared that with his employees, vendors, contractors and clients. Meaningful businesses make more money and are sustainable over a long period of time.

I want to work with entrepreneurs who want to find meaning in their lives and translate that through their businesses.

Simplified Business

Knowing your ‘WHY’ simplifies your business. For years, I’ve struggled with having a web & graphic design company that provided tons of seemingly related services to a whole lot of different businesses. It seemed like EVERYONE was a potential client, and I had to service all businesses with everything under the sun related to digital marketing.
When I discovered that providing what I PERSONALLY found meaning in, business became simple and so did the rest of my life. I want to share that with you, and help guide you in the direction of providing a very specific service to an extremely targeted group of people so you can experience the simple, yet extremely profitable side of entrepreneurship.

Focused Business

Knowing your ‘WHY’ focuses your business. When I was trying to services all types of clients with all types of services, my brain was so scattered it was hard to sleep! I had (and still have) notes and documents everywhere of ways I can grow my business. I bought into the myth of being able to service everyone while multi-tasking to get it all done.
When I chose to focus my business on a specific set of entrepreneurs (if you’re reading this, you’re one of them), I began to get clarity on where my business needed to head and what types of entrepreneurs I would work with. Focusing my business has provided meaning, simplified my life and motivated me to grow!

Motivated Business

Knowing your ‘WHY’ motivates your business. What motivates you? Cars? Money? A big huge business? We’re all motivated by something.
When my business was motivated by money, I found myself completely discontent every day because I always wanted more. When I was motivated by growing my business, I found myself discontent because someone else was always outgrowing me.

But when I finally discovered the entrepreneur that God created me to be, and the target market that I was supposed to service, I was motivated and reinvigorated to serve others and bring to the world my gifts and talents. Your story will be the same, and you’ll find motivation (again) in your business life!

Eternal Business

Knowing your ‘WHY’ prepares your business for eternity. When you get to your creator, will He say “well done my faithful servant?” Will you have fulfilled on what He created you to be and do as an entrepreneur? Do you realize NOW how important it is that you discover, uncover, and recover that PURPOSE God set out for you as a business owner?
I’m PUMPED for my arrival. I’m STOKED to come to God. I’m BLESSED to be used in a way that I can help communicate to entrepreneurs God’s vision for their eternally significant businesses!

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started planning out your branding or rebranding strategy.

Success stories from our clients

Deborah Hernandez

“They have a great thought process and bring a lot to the table in terms of contacts and partners.  They are just fun to work with, they know how to interpret your mind frame and story, and put that into play.”

Alberto Galante

“I wanted to launch my company with professional branding…I was expecting a traditional image for a real estate company, but they made it different from other brokerages using my last name as my branding.”

Dayton Birt

“We re-evaluated our mission statement, our core values, and decided we needed to help communicating this.  With their team’s assistance, they were able to help us put a feeling to our logo at Redemption Ministries.”

We Give Back.

We help build churches in South Florida and support medical missions throughout the Caribbean and South America.   Learn More


Discover the perfect brand for your company

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